My Story

Griff Pippin is a Los Angeles based golf and stand up comedian who performs all over the U.S. and the world with several International tours under his belt. He makes golf content and performs for golf crowds all over the country. He is a regular performer at the Hollywood Improv as well as many other clubs in Los Angeles. He has opened for renowned artists such as Dane Cook, Russell Peters, Eliza Schlesinger, Kevin Nealon, Chris D’Elia. Griff is also a writer and actor. Griff has been featured on Playboy Radios Ginger Lynn’s “The Blame it on Ginger Radio Show”. Griff was featured on VICE, Will Ferrels Funny or Die, The Charlie Show on ROKU, Logo TV, and is a co host of one of the top 40 science podcasts on iTunes. 
Griff has performed two European tours, toured Mexico and over 15 countries. He has headlined shows all over South Africa where he has built a following over the last few years. He was a favorite at the 2013 Ventura Harbor Comedy Festival International Showcase. He is one of the stars and the co-founders of the International Comedy Show, which has been featured at the Comedy clubs in Los Angeles as well as colleges across the U.S.
Griff was featured in the renowned international VICE magazine in 2015. He was the winner of the Port Elizabeth Comedy Festival in 2014. Griff was the runner up in the Downtown Los Angeles March Madness Comedy Competition in 2013. In 2012 he was awarded a scholarship for being a finalist in Funniest Person on Campus at the University of Oklahoma. He was featured in the Headliner Showcase and was a favorite in the 2013 Ventura Harbor Comedy Festival. He was featured as an International comedian to watch in stand up magazine and getting press in Stand up Talk magazine 2015.